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LMD 84-2: Zone 10

Zone 10 covers the Sierra Del Oro community, located at the western portion of the City, which includes Green River Road, a main thoroughfare connecting west Corona to the 91 Freeway. The Zone 10 maintenance area of 173 acres is the largest of the zones maintained by LMD 84-2. Huge open space and hillsides make up most of the 173 acres because Sierra Del Oro sits at the foot of the Cleveland National Forest, which separates Corona from neighboring Orange County. Because of the community's topography, many of the homes in Sierra Del Oro have steep slopes or hills behind their properties. Landscape management does not only consist of the customary landscape mowing and trimming, but also includes annual slope vegetation management for slope stability and protection from fire hazard.

Quick Facts: • 185.9 Acre Area • 3,370 Benefit Units • Annual Levy: $577.92

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84-2: Zone 10 map


LMD 84-2 Zone 10