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Bottled Water Request

Need water for your non-profit event? DWP may be able to help.

The overall theme is “Water is Life” as it relates
to the stewardship and conservation of water.

Winner- 2017
2017: Rachel Lee, 6th Grader, El Cerrito Middle School


DWP donates bottled water to customers for events held within the City of Corona such as school events, public and private non-profit events, community service organizations and fundraisers. For details, see our Bottled Water Policy.

Water donations are limited to 10 cases per event, and 25 cases annually per organization. Each case contains 24 bottles. You can also purchase water from DWP for $7.25 per case.

Request or Purchase Bottled Water
Use our online form below. You will receive a response to your request within 5 working days.

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Bottled Water Request Form