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March, 2011

Watch Out for that Scooter!
It Could Be Your New Meter Reader

You may notice a new fleet of motor scooters in the City and a new meter reader coming to your property to read your water meter. On March 16, 2011, the Corona City Council voted to award meter reading services to Alexander's Contract Services, Inc. (Alexander's) and they will begin their official duties on March 17, 2011.

Alexander's has been performing meter reading services to California utilities since 1966. These new meter readers will be riding scooters or mopeds while on their meter reading routes. Using these small vehicles is efficient and produces less greenhouse gas emissions than a full-size vehicle.

You can be assured that the person reading your water meter is an Alexander's employee because each employee will have a picture identification badge, which includes his or her name. Each reader will also be wearing a uniform which has the Alexander's logo on it, in addition to a yellow safety vest that is clearly labeled "Water Meter Reader."

For questions regarding this new service, please contact the City of Corona Department of Water & Power's Customer Service team at (951) 736-2321.